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Hydraulic Truck Cranes
2013 Liebherr LTM-1220-5.2, 265 Ton All-Terrain Crane
197 ft. 6 section latching type boom
(1) 23 ft. boom extension
40 ft.-72 ft. hydraulically luffing jib
(2) 23 ft. jib extensions
Main & auxiliary winches
Max counterweight-163,500 lbs.
Counterweight removal system
Multi-position outriggers
Boom float kit, prepped for dolly
Boom removal system
Hydraulically tiltable cab
LICON LMI system
Joystick controls
Liebherr D846A7 diesel engine-503 HP-33,000 miles & 1,875 hours
Liebherr D934LA6 diesel engine upper-245 HP-4,069 hours
ZF 12 speed automatic transmission
Air condition-upper & lower
5 sheave, double hook 238099 lb. capacity hook block
3 sheave, double hook 156,200 lb. capacity hook block
Single sheave 68,640 lb. capacity hook block
Headache ball-23,100 lb. capacity
Excellent condition with a current certification
SALES PRICE-$1,140,000


2008 Grove GMK5165, 165 Ton All-Terrain Crane
42 ft.-197 ft. 6 section latch & pin boom
36 ft.-59 ft. bi-fold hydraulic luffing jib
(1) 26 ft. jib insert & (1) 20 ft. jib insert
2 winches
Max counterweight-88,400 lbs.
Counterweight removal system
Multi-position out & down outriggers
Air conditioned & heated upper & lower cabs
Ecos LMI sysem
Joystick controls
Mercedes OM502LA 8 cylinder diesel engine-510 HP-carrier
Mercedes OM904LA 4 cylinder diesel engine-174 HP-upper
Daimler Chrysler G240-16 trnasmission
Megatrak suspension
385/65R25: 7 @ 80%, 1 @ 50%
Nelson 2 axle boom dolly
80 ton 5 sheave block, single sheave block, & headache ball
Good condition with a current inspection
SALES PRICE-$450,000.00

2004 Grove TMS-900E, 90 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane
37 ft.-142 ft. 5 section boom
33 ft.-56 ft. bi-fold jib
(2) 16 ft. jib inserts
Main & auxiliary winches
Auxiliary lifting sheave
Max counterweight with removal system
Air condition-lower & upper cabs
Ecos LMI system
Joystick controls
Cummins ISM450 diesel engine-450 HP
Cummins engine rebuilt one month ago
Eaton Fuller 9 speed manual transmission
Aluminum wheels
Air ride suspension
Complete crane was sent to Grove
remanufacturing facility aprox. 8 years ago.
Includes counterweight trailer
Approximately 70,000 miles, 13,600 PTO hours
Good condition with a current certification
SALES PRICE-$290,000.00


1997 Link Belt HTC8670, 70 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane
115 ft. 4 section full-power boom
25 ft.-57 ft. bi-fold jib
Main & auxiliary winches
Max counterweight-16,000 lbs.
Counterweight removal system
Microguard 434 LMI system
Armrest single axis controls
Detroit Series 60 diesel engine
Eaton Fuller manual transmission
Aluminum wheels
Aluminum pontoons
Block & ball
Good condition with current certification
SALES PRICE-$147,000.00

1999 Grove TMS700B, 50 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane
35 ft.-110 ft. 4 section full-power boom
32 ft.-56 ft. side-stow jib
Main & auxiliary winches-Grove HD-30
Auxiliary lifting sheave
Max counterweight-7,800 lbs.
Counterweight removal system
Heated cabs
PAT DS350 LMI system
Single axis controls
Cummins diesel engine-250 HP
Eaton Fuller 13 speed manual transmission
45 ton 3 sheave block & headache ball
55,580 miles & 15,150 hours
Very good condition with a current inspection
SALES PRICE-$95,000.00


1998 Terex T-340, 40 Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane
30 ft.-94 ft. 4 section full-power boom
32 ft.-49 ft. side-stow jib
Single winch
Multi-position outriggers, 5 th outrigger
Greer RCI 510 LMI system ( new 3 years ago)
Lever controls
Cummins diesel engine
Roadranger 8LL transmission
23,749 miles & 15,166 hours
Good condition with a current inspection
SALES PRICE-$105,000.00